SEAS - Shirley Education and Action Society

SEAS was established in 2003 for the sole purpose of educating, informing and advocating on issues that affect the rural nature of the Shirley community.  The focus and goal is to always keep Shirley a rural community.  Stay Rural is the motto.

With over 100 lifetime members SEAS continues to be one of the key neighbourhood groups representing Shirley residents on issues of  development, growth, watershed protection and drinking water safety.

SEAS has been an active participant in the Shirley Community with regard to monitoring development, maintaining the rural nature of the neighbourhood and acting to educate the general public about issues affecting the community.  

SEAS represents over 100 lifetime, dues-paying members.  We meet regularly and work diligently to educate and inform the public.

It is one of the goals of the Society to work with applicants on all aspects of their proposed developments in the Shirley District.

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